Comics as Data is an ongoing collaborative project that examines library catalog data to explore geographies of publishing and library collecting policies in North American comics. Continuing an institutional history of creating collections as data, a group of Michigan State University librarians, digital humanists, and faculty formed a working group in 2018 to compile and analyze comic book data. GPRW has taken up the work of exploring this data through our Wikidata Edit-a-thons. You can download the dataset here.

Days of Future Past: Why Race Matters in Metadata

We recently presented on CaDNA research at Digital Library Federation (DLF) Virtual Forum. This presentation highlights the work of our recent publication exploring the ways we use data visualization to explore how we codify and describe identity. This presentation calls attention to the constructed nature of race in North America and the continuing work needed to imagine race beyond the confines of the established cultural legacy.


The CaDNA dataset allows users to explore relationships linked to comics publication. Below are examples of sample visualization created using the data.

Created by Kate Topham

Created By John Walsh
Created by Vanessa Elias
Created by Julian Chambliss, Michigan State University